Howto create Android ADB backup

First you must prepare the device and the computer.

Creating ADB Backup

Now you try create backup. In terminal type: adb backup [options] [PACKAGE_LIST ...] The most common options (default in bold)

How to get package name for PACKAGE_LIST?

It is possible by more ways. Package name is displayed in Google play url, parameter id or try download and install ML Manager
ML Manager: APK Extractor

When ML Manager runs, it displays applications in device

ML Manager
and package name is displayed with small fornt, example for CatLog is com.nolanlawson.logcat .

When you start adb backup, on device shows screen for entering optional password. If you set password in Settings / Developer Options / Desktop Backup Password, please enter this password again.

without backup password protect with backup password protect

When process finished, archive file *.ab created. You can use this file in the future to recover data and applications or you can view and explore this file.